We've always loved Halloween and decorating for our neighbors.  We had some rather elaborate yard haunts and parties in the late 90's but all of that stopped when we had our daughter.  As she grew older we started incorporating scary elements in our Halloween decorating again.  As she took more and more of an interest, our Halloween displays grew larger and more complex.  Starting with a fairly elaborate display in 2007 we unveiled Dead End Manor in 2008 as a complete yard haunt with extensive static and active props.  2009 marks the beginning of Dead End Manor as a full fledged haunted house with indoor and outdoor elements.

Dead End Manor is free and open to anyone who wishes to visit.  It incorporates many elements that may be scary to young children so parental discretion is strongly advised.

Dead End Manor incorporates strobe lights, flashing and pulsating lights, fog and significant noise effects.  All participants enter at their own risk.

Please do not take flash pictures or use flashlights as this ruins many of the scenes and effects.

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